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Membrane Keypads

It is Keypad with Flexible tail with/without connector as per design and application. The keys are mounted on multi layers of punched flexible polymer sheets (typically polyester) sandwiched together. Circuits are silk-screened with conductive silver ink on both the top and bottom membrane layers. Low cost, reliable keypads, alternative key-life exceeds 2-5 million keystrokes, also lighter than a PCB. Flexible circuits allow a product form which is not possible with rigid PCB. Male Female clincher connectors are used. Rim & Pillow type Key Emboss available on demand.

Advantages of our Products Include :

  • Improved tactile feedback
  • Less contact bounce
  • Longer switch life and greater reliability due to absence of any metal part
  • Use of silver, carbon and insulation inks
  • Better dust, water and chemical resistance
  • Additional protection against oxidation